Pulley manufacturer Ahmedabad

We “Rajendra Pulley” is famous and well-known as a Pulley Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We provide different types of Pulleys in India. We manufacture the best quality products with the help of superior quality raw materials. We also manufacture the different types of products like Couplings, Girth Gear, Gear Box, Pedestal, Chain Sprocket, Gears and Pulley. We supply these pulley in Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and we also export our products in some countries. The pulley is a straightforward gadget that uses a rope appended around a wheel to lift substantial objects. Pulley manufacturer is easy to make and can be utilized a good ways off from one another

  • It helps in applying force in any direction
  • Pulley systems rely on the relationship between load and effort.
  • Useful for getting the drive action to happen in awkward places
  • Mechanical advantage is defined as the ratio of load to effort.
  • A movable pulley is a pulley that moves with the load.
  • Increases Lifting Distance

Pulley Gear Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

700-dia-rope-pulley-1We are the best manufacturer and supplier of Pulley Gear in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We represent considerable authority in the creation of Various Industrial Pulley Gear and components. Pulley emphatically has confidence in high caliber situated items by keeping various principles, our organization manufacturing, production sort of pulley and furthermore accuracy pulleys by embracing ISO 3142, ISO 4183, DIN 2211, and other Standard.  Our series have continuously increased a strong industry reputation and market position. Our specialized development group has many years of practical experience in the lift business and has created exceptional items with shifting costs and functions. We give our Pulley complete Bore Key and dynamic adjusting, we are utilizing distinctive evaluation of material like GCI 15, GCI 20, GCI 25, SG 700/2, SG 600/3, SG 500/7, SG 400/2, additionally according to the client prerequisite. We Manufacturer the different kinds of pulley in Ahmedabad. Our other Products like Pulley, Gears, Girth Gear, Coupling, Gear Box, Chain Sprocket, and Pedestal. We produce the products with the use of latest technology and supply at the best price.

Timing Pulley


We are famous and leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Timing Pulley in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Timing Pulley is particular pulleys that have either teeth or pockets around the outside diameter of the Pulley body. Timing teeth connect holes in the metal belt, while timing pockets connect with drive lugs on a belt’s internal boundary. These teeth or pockets are utilized distinctly for timing, not for power transmission. The driving movement of the belt has been as yet achieved by means of frictional powers between the flat belt and pulley surfaces. Timing Pulleys are produced to incredibly close particulars and are supplied in least plain bore, Taper Bushed and QD bushed styles relying upon size and pitch.

See tables for stock pulley types. Bushings are evaluated independently and must be added to pulley cost. This Timing Pulleys are planned for the advanced, improvement, recreational endeavors. Also, this Timing Pulley is offered by our firm in a sweeping assortment of estimations to manage the variable needs of the customers at cost-saving expenses. We manufacture the best quality products with the use of qualified raw materials. We have a wide scope of products like, Timing Pulley, Mechanical Shaft, Industrial Shaft and Machinery and Spares, to give our customers.

Our summarized products are applied in different businesses like, Textile Machinery, Pulp and Paper plant Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Printing Machinery, Packaging Machinery and so many industries we provided. Since the beginning, quality has been one of the prime concerns of our organization. Our wide scope of products is acclaimed to be a favored decision of our customers attributable to its excellent standards. We generally pursue a severe quality control system to give best quality Timing Pulley to our customers according to their details.


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Timing Pulley

timing-pulley-manufacturersWe present a wide range of Timing Pulley which is generally respected for dimensional correctness and weighing scale. These are fictional from high quality material that is got form the consistent vendors of the industries. Additional, our timing pulleys have precise dimensional property and are energetically disinterested and are outstandingly purposeful and offer high presentation. In addition, we offer these pulleys at industries leading prices.

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